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Elevating Urinary Wellness:

  • Reishi: Fortifies the immune system, contributing to urinary tract health.
  • Cordyceps: Supports overall vitality, promoting wellness in the urinary system.
  • Shiitake: Infuses essential nutrients, bolstering the body’s natural defenses.
  • Cranberry Extract: Aids in maintaining a healthy urinary tract, deterring potential issues.
  • D-Mannose: Supports a balanced urinary environment, promoting comfort.
  • Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine): Elevates nutrient absorption, optimizing benefits.



  • Urinary Support: Reishi and cordyceps combine forces to bolster urinary tract well-being.
  • Vitality Boost: Cordyceps promotes overall energy, aiding in urinary health.
  • Nutritional Wellness: Shiitake enhances the blend with essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Urinary Tract Comfort: Cranberry extract helps maintain a healthy urinary environment.
  • Balance and Comfort: D-Mannose contributes to a balanced urinary system and overall comfort.
  • Enhanced Absorption: Black pepper extract ensures comprehensive utilization of beneficial compounds.
Weight 7 oz

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